Satellite Net Com

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Online Payment facility is available for Renewal of Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly & Yearly Subscription Prepaid Internet Packages only.
  • Customers should verify the details regarding Prepaid Internet Packages about renewal date, Rate etc before making payment.
  • If customer wants to unsubscribe the services after the Prepaid Internet Package is Renewed and activated then he will not get any refund.
  • But prior to service being activated and if Customer wants to unsubscribe the service he needs to inform Office 24 hours before the Renewal date to Satellite Netcom via email to avail Refund.
  • Any refund, if applicable, will be paid to the subscriber within 15 working days from day of unsubscription of services from the Customer

Double Payment Issue:

Please note that Double Payments means the Transaction for which you have attempted to make an online payment more than once, for which your account may have been debited twice during multiple attempts to make payment. Such case may arise in case of any session break during redirection process from bank end to Website end. Normally in such cases one Transaction may be a failed case and another transaction may be a Success case where you were able to successfully receive an acknowledgement of the payment by Satellite Netcom. The Double payment amount will not refund & it will be automatically carry forward for next renewal of Internet Package.